Course Overview

Today’s most valuable companies have created digital products and platforms that we use every day. The market  capitalization of the so-called FAANG stocks far exceeds an investor’s wildest dreams of only a decade ago.  The development of digital technologies that is driving this shift in in the way we live our lives and build a business is only beginning.  The decades ahead will include more innovation, growth, and more disruption based on digital technologies. 

Key Questions and Topics:

During the course, we will consider and debate numerous topics which our readings and guests will help us explore, such as:

What factors make a business or industry ripe for disruption?

The Course:

  • Classes + Discussions
  • Guest Lectures
  • Four 1-page Assignments Based on Guest Speaker Presentations and Readings
  • Two tests
  • A personal journal
  • A Capstone Project

grading and Requirements

Attend and Participate = 25%

Class participation credit will be assigned on an “overall” basis based on the instructors’ subjective opinion of your participation efforts.  In order to get participation points it is necessary for you to discuss constructivelyand actively in class as well as make a significant contribution during your final presentations.  

4 Speaker Assignments = 20%

During the course we will hear from approximately 10 business leaders who are disrupting their industries.  You will get to hear how they created their company, the market forces that influence their success, and how they plan to thrive in the future.  Your assignments will be to... 

2 Tests = 20%

Two multiple-choice tests will be given on the dates indicated in the course schedule.  Material covered will include readings, class discussions, guest speaker presentations, and any other material covered during class or otherwise assigned.  Makeup tests will be provided only under exceptional circumstances such as ill-health (university-acceptable proof will be required).  

Journal = 10%

Please write about 3 big and important ideas from each of our guests that resonated with you. These big ideas can be either personal or professional.  The important thing here is that the ideas are insightful inspiring to you and will one day help you.  These entries should be brief yet meaningful to you.

Final Project = 25%

Your final project will be an 8-page single-spaced study of a business or industry that you believe is ripe for digitization and disruption.  You are encouraged to do this project in small groups of two (ideal) or three individuals.  We suggest...

Schedule and Readings

Class participation and attendance:  25%. 
Guest Speaker Assignments: 25%.  
Journal:  15%
Final Pro

In keeping with the contemporary nature of the course, readings will consist primarily of links to relevant articles, as most digital strategy textbooks are outdated upon publication. Books will be replaced by top leaders of companies actually disrupting the space.

enjoy the class!

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